Big time name dropping #09 / Limmatquai

Then, back to the Festival, from the all handy dark and recessed press gallery on the first floor of the rebuilt casino I have seen Stephan Eicher’s historical Montreux moment where he singlehandedly amazed and surprised the crowd there, alone on the big stage, with all of his stage equipment for his solo act fitting in and extracted from the trunk of an old battered Ford Granada, driven and owned by Martin Hess his then friend and manager. A TB303, TR606 a Telecaster and a tiny Gallien-Kruger guitar amp, so small it had to be raised on a stand alongside the “drumatix” & the “bass computer controlled” sound generators. That was it, no north african ethno music tribe, no bell ringing group from central Switzerland. Just him and a tiny kit and “Toutes les filles du Limmatquai”. No jazz in sight either so, you guessed, no risk for him figuring in a bonze rendering of himself in the garden. But Claude really liked the show nevertheless, as far as I remember. That evening firmly boosted Stephan’s international appeal.

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