Big time name dropping #08 / Bakery

So this son of local bakery owner raised to take over, growing up surrounded by flour and bread and pastries befriended the heart and soul of the great jazz players of the world, became their cataloguer in chief, had his own brass statue within the walls of his hometown and a street named after him, all pretty usual stuff really, but he also managed to be mentioned alongside Frank Zappa in one of the most famous songs of the 20th century. Pretty good huh. I remember fondly that sunny spring day at le Picotin chalet Claude all happy and cheerful, dancing a bit just for the three of us and singing his name along Ian Gillian on that über famous Deep Purple song.
Now that things have settled a fair bit I wouldn’t mind bumping into the “stupid with a flare gun” guy to see how he feels about the whole thing and the über famous song and being mentioned in there too, albeit not as emphatically. After all, he also has become part of the world cultural heritage. Obviously, no street nor statue for the “stupid with a flare gun”, but chatting with him would make my day. Or perhaps even generate another song…

Btw, this might just be a clue at today’s solution to current issues with Auditorium Stravinsky, festival’s main 3000 seats hall in the process of being seriously outdated security wise and having talks of reducing crowd capacities 10 folds unless modified appropriately. Duh, back then the old building was “burned down to the ground” while every single human there was safely rescued. Possibly even Frank’s burgundy red Gibson SG got out ok. Granted, funky Claude was running in and out pulling kids and according to the press pictures of that day, the concert hall back then was on the ground floor with large windows ready to be open to get out quickly, not located on the 5th floor with a single flight of stairs and two lifts and surrounded by 3 layers of bullet proof glass…

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