You run a structure dedicated to events, shows or art. With all your responsibilities, team, space, clients, you sometimes feel like you are running out of time. So when the moment comes to update a system, an overwhelming sensation of constraint might rear its ugly face. Going back to known things is very tempting, even if deep down you know that there are wonderful new technologies and techniques available that will allow excellent, efficient, easy and profitable performances. For this we regularly update our knowledge via a careful and constant technological watch. We love our job, we love art and shows, and we like to create an investment, a partnership, a lasting relationship with you. We are by your side.

We seek to enhance happiness, meaningfulness and efficiency in all aspects of  life through great sound and technologies

We understand the impact of sound quality in your studios, homes, buildings, places and offices, as well as during the journeys between them. We always are on the lookout for possibilities and improvements.

We help bolster the consciousness of the universe with beautiful music and have a lot of fun!

So, for us, soundscapes are direct superhighways between the real and the subtle, the visible and the unknown, the conscious and the unconscious. The relationship to sound that people have always amazed us. It is our job, our passion. Sound is at the core of the well-being of humans, whether they know it, like it, or not. While you can close your eyes, your ears are on 24/7. 

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