You like beauty, wide open spaces & music? Immersive audio is for you!

A sound already is a very short symphony!

This delicate sound experience offers the opportunity to explore harmoniously the connections between sensations, sound, music and space.

Everything is done at a listening volume of a surprising amplitude, soft or ample at will. The sound universe offered allows you to discover feelings usually unheard of in a concert … but surprisingly familiar during walks in the nature .

Your auditory system, ears, brain, as well as your inner child, revel in when the sounds unfold in an immersive space. The experience becomes active and fun. Your senses partner, play and love to discover atmospheres, harmonies, effects, melodies, intense or discrete, short or involved, majestic, extraordinary.

Beyond poetry, beyond thought, everything becomes exciting as a multitude of subtle sensations reveal their origins and you become the actor of your Superdiff experience. You are the conductor of your soundscape and the slightest event becomes a symphony!

Live, on the Net, in the studio, in your home?

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