Big time name dropping #12 / Oh no not again

Talking about party albeit a little… fake. Show business gets you to do all sort of things in all sort of events. I did an immersive music soundtrack turned coordination job for a little one off show for a big anniversary and retirement party. In a nice quiet village up the hill with Lake Geneva view as the background.
There were jokes there, lots of them, not always funny though, sometimes even ranking very low on the popular vs posh scale. Which never seem to stop bewildering me. I mean, there was an assembly encompassing about all of the wealthiest and richest and influential people of southern Europe showing up in this party room representing a fair share of the continent GDP singlehandedly between themselves and here they were laughing at drinking jokes, stripping on tables and dutifully making themselves miserable with pink champaign and carbon iced frozen cocktails. Whatever.
So there was I coordinating our little horror show. It was meticulously timed, complete with curtains flying and airborne sorcerers, frightening horror noises and dedicated immersive music soundtrack created for the event, as well as setting ablaze with pyro the venue’s original wooden flight of stairs at the climax of the 10 minutes event, opening for the guests to climb to the dining area. Because, even though the evening was strictly private, there were a bit of security concerns nevertheless, so we had to make sure no one would attempt to climb the rigged stairs prior to the show, if only not to accidentally trigger the thing on fire or cut the tiny fireworks leads inadvertently. Since there was no security dudes around, not openly at least regardless of the guests present, I did the “please do not climb here now” bit myself, nicely suited up and all, but plainly visible from the A list crowd down below. And guess who was looking at me from the middle of the jet setters instead of mingling and having a good time and swapping phone numbers and all? Claude was, straight into my eyes… no, not again!
Claud and I had a sort of a steady ongoing, business only, relationship coming way back from the early eighties and his name may be popping up in chapters here and there. But this attitude towards me was rather new. In the right order of things, sometimes he would be extra nice and friendly and sing Deep Purple songs to me and my team, other times he would not even go as much as acknowledging my presence, particularly when there were some wealthy or famous dudes around. Typical rock star stuff, I can handle that.
But this very day he looked at me straight in the eyes, not entirely unlike what Johnny Cash did some years before… Guys, please, stop doing that!

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