Big time name dropping #04 / LAX

One Australian singer friend of mine I did introduce to this dark side of the show business happily overstepped many of the rules, he did it fearlessly and got away nicely, no impact, nothing. Along with being a talented writer, singer and drummer, he was a brilliant sound engineer, which landed him the main mixing desk’s baby-sitting job.

But as we were all being very focused on not treading on the grounds of those show-business divinities around, he would chat them up, have beers with them and casually hand over his demoes to them as if they were friends since a bit before high school. One more talent this colleague of mine had. This didn’t buy him too many opportunities as the receivers probably tossed the tapes in the dressing room sometimes right after the surreal encounter, but still, he managed to have a deal for real with Mr. George Clinton himself for remixing a track.

A very fair deal by the way, involving mostly paying for the plane from Lax to GVA, a couch to crash at the drummer’s house and a pile of white stuff. That’s it. I learned a lot by watching George manoeuvring through the already recorded tracks extracting the substance of the music, reversing bass takes, isolating bits of drums and voices. I was impressed by the very long hours and dedication George was investing in a project by pure passion and friendliness as there was definitely no major, no manager, no big deal and no huge pile of cash involved. Only perhaps a modest pile of white stuff and some fast food every now and then…

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