Do you want to make your videos yourself?
Look after these details and your movie will make the difference …

Microphone for voice
You need a good quality external microphone. The microphone must be very close to the source. Somewhere near the neck or collar of the talent. You will probably want a lavalier microphone (tie), available in all prices and brands.

But first, pay attention to the sound environment. Give it a few moments and listen. Ventilation noise, road noise, neighbourhood noise? Sound of the room too resonant? This can guide you to a more suitable place. More here.

Transmission and recording of sound
By definition, the camera (smartphone, tablet, computer, DSLR) is located outside the image’s frame, but the microphone must be very close to the audio source, the voice in our example (hint: for the voice, the sound of the camera is never a real option). As your video camera / smartphone is remote, the question of the transmission of the audio signal arises then. An economic and simple example here:

> Samson Go Mic Mobile Wireless Kit (omni *), all cables and accessories included, ready to use.

* Directivity matters. In a very quiet environment, the omnidirectional microphone can be ok. In a noisy situation, opt for a cardioid mic. In any case, place it as close as possible to the source. More here.



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