Sound innovations and architecture

If sound innovation was a new strategic area of ​​development for your company? Sound in the industry is no longer just the sound of a workshop. Today, new approaches allow to rethink the modes of design, manufacturing, mediation …

Participation in the discussion “architecture and sound innovation” Chalon Saône, Nicephore Cité. Presentation of 15 minutes on the theme “Sounds condition our daily activities, enhanced acoustics, multichannel broadcast, sound for AR / VR”.

And also, energised by meeting people, initiatives, trades and exciting developments! Discoveries of innovations that make me realize how much sound exceeds the scope of entertainment and is now involved in industry, architecture and medicine. With developments to rearrange the matter, with all due respect and even without any waste nor water use, to create absorbent materials, cutting or cleaning machines, non-invasive medical treatments and, almost, miracles. Today!

Download Serge Garcia of defiSON on that very topic:
Serge Garcia_23_01_2019_nicephore_cite_1

Link to website:
Nicephorecite – L’innovation sonore un véritable enjeu pour l’industrie

Download PAA Consulting presentation file:
Les sons conditionnent nos activités quotidiennes – PAA F06


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