What happens when you surrounds yourself with an amazing 360° film designed for you to experience good and bad things  in and around your body in relation to sound. This has been going on for eons, this is part of us, part of our internal advanced safety system. So, communication, entertainment but well being too is conditioned by your hearing system. This is what we re-discover throughout this 15 minutes film, in a journey across mankind’s history from our living in tribes in the bushes to performing as a single entity in a very large city. Sound plays a big part in this journey, piloting, via several bad or good sensations, the hormones flood in us on a daily basis, even before we can decide something about that and contributing to our feelings of the day.

The experience finishes on a pleasant chocolate touch, which lets you feel in a nice way what is in and what is out, what is high and what is low,

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